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2024 Company Reviews

Trust Scores are out of 100 points

Customer Reviews: 98 out of 100

Communication: 96 out of 100

Client Result Satisfaction: 98 out of 100

Program Pricing: 96 out of 100

Program Value: 99 out of 100

The Consumer Advocacy Association has conducted an exhaustive review of Rocket Financial Services, a credit improvement and management firm in Dallas, Texas. This review draws from a wide array of sources, including in-depth independent research, client interviews, and secret shopper interactions. We have also scrutinized the company's advertising tactics, ethical conduct, and both current and former client satisfaction.

Rocket Financial Services continues to be among the companies setting a high bar of excellence with an impressive trust score of 97 out of 100, the highest score awarded this year in the comprehensive landscape of credit improvement companies. This score reflects unparalleled client satisfaction and innovative service delivery, setting a benchmark in the industry.

Review Summary:

Rocket Financial Services is not merely a credit repair company but a full-service credit management enterprise that differentiates itself through a sophisticated, client-tailored approach to credit enhancement. Founded by Dustin "The Credit Geek" Ball, Rocket has revolutionized the standard expectations within the credit management sector.

Service Quality and Client Interactions:

Our extensive evaluations, including secret shopper analyses and client interviews, underscore Rocket's commitment to high-quality service and exceptional communication. Clients praise the company for achieving desired credit score improvements and providing education on managing and sustaining good credit. The approach goes beyond dispute letters to build a strong credit foundation, reflecting a deep understanding of credit systems and individual client needs.

Client Outcome Satisfaction:

Rocket Financial Services has achieved remarkable results, including improving clients' credit scores by over a million points and securing significant financial opportunities in 2023 alone. Such accomplishments highlight their ability to deliver on promises and exceed client expectations. Their strategic application of credit knowledge ensures clients do not end up with subpar financial products but gain access to premium credit options tailored to their unique situations.

Program Pricing and Value:

Despite their high-end services, Rocket maintains pricing that aligns with the immense value they offer, as evidenced by their near-perfect scores in both pricing and program value. The investment clients make in Rocket's services pays dividends in the form of better credit scores, higher credit limits, and broader financial opportunities.

Ethical and Transparent Practices:

Dustin Ball's candid discussion about the limitations of traditional credit repair services and the true timeline and process of credit improvement during our "secret shopper" investigations reflects Rocket's commitment to transparency. This honesty in marketing their services fosters trust and sets realistic expectations for their clients, a practice not always adhered to in the industry.


Rocket Financial Services stands out for its exceptional results, ethical approach, and comprehensive service offerings. Dustin Ball and his team have created a credit management program that genuinely meets the needs of diverse clients, from executives and professional athletes to ordinary individuals aiming to improve their financial standing.

Rocket Financial Services is recommended without reservation to anyone seeking to enhance their credit profile and financial options significantly. Their proven success and client satisfaction track record position them as a leading choice in the U.S. credit improvement landscape.

Contact Rocket Financial Services at https://rocketfinancialservices.com



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